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  1. Release Yourself
  2. Mass Production Vol Ii
  3. I Want To Talk
  4. To The Rhythm
  5. Pineapple
  6. A Feelin' (Paradox Vocal Mix)
  7. Show Me The Way
  8. Feel The Line (Reprise Mix)
  9. Deliver Me (Vocal Mix)
  10. Sensation
  11. Welcome To The Factory (Factory Dreams Mix)
  12. Sume Sigh Say (The Masters Mix)
  13. Dream Drums (Junior Vasquez Remix)
  14. Dream Come True (Angel Moraes Hot 'N' Spycy Vocal Mix)
  15. The Bounce (Created By Masters At Work)
  16. Gigolo Supreme (Main Mix)
  17. Funk Train
  18. Circular
  19. Deep Inside Your Love
  20. What I Want, What I Need

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