Andrea Corr n°49 Irlande
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  1. Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me)
  2. Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me) (Radio Edit)
  3. Hello Boys
  4. State Of Independence
  5. Tinseltown In The Rain (Video - Behind The Scenes)
  6. Tinseltown In The Rain (Video)
  7. The Making Of Lifelines (An Interview With Andrea)
  8. Lifelines (Performances & Interview)
  9. You've Got A Friend
  10. Some Things Last A Long Time
  11. Tomorrow In Her Eyes
  12. Lifeline
  13. They Don't Know
  14. Tinseltown In The Rain
  15. No 9 Dream
  16. Blue Bayou
  17. From The Morning
  18. Anybody There
  19. Pale Blue Eyes
  20. I'll Be Seeing You

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