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  1. Shine On
  2. This Is The World We Live In
  3. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
  4. Start The Fire
  5. Crying At The Discoteque
  6. Sexual Guarantee
  7. Burning
  8. Ménage À Trois
  9. Love Life
  10. Ritmo Del Amor
  11. Alcastar
  12. Someday
  13. Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix)
  14. Inhibitions
  15. Don't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)
  16. We Keep On Rockin'
  17. Physical (Radio Version)
  18. This Is The World We Live In (Soundfactory Club Anthem)
  19. Stay The Night (Fl Club Mix)
  20. Harlem Nights

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