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Orchestral Works, Vol. 4

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22 titres Durée 61:37
    1. 1Écouter Ajouter Music Everywhere (Rediffusion March) 3:14 
    2. 2Écouter Ajouter Footlights (Concert Valse) 5:39 
    3. 3Écouter Ajouter I Sing To You (Souvenir) 3:41 
    4. 4Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): I. Who's Been Sitting In My Chair? 0:10 
    5. 5Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Ii. Goldilocks Gets Out Of Bed And Dresses 0:22 
    6. 6Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Iii. Clock Strikes Five 0:57 
    7. 7Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Iv. Goldilocks Knocks At The Bears' Door 0:55 
    8. 8Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): V. Goldilocks Falls Asleep In The Small Bear's Bed 0:48 
    9. 9Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Vi. Enter The Three Bears 0:45 
    10. 10Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Vii. The Three Bears Rush Upstairs 0:13 
    11. 11Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Viii. She Runs Away, Followed By The Three Bears 1:11 
    12. 12Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Ix. The Three Bears Make The Best Of It And Return Home, In The Best Of Humour 1:02 
    13. 13Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): X. Goldilocks Continues On Her Way Home 2:04 
    14. 14Écouter Ajouter The Three Bears (Phantasy): Xi. As For The Three Bears - They Put Up A Notice: Beware! Three Hungry Bears Live Here! 1:05 
    15. 15Écouter Ajouter From Meadow To Mayfair (Suite For Orchestra): I. In The Country [Rustic Dance] 3:13 
    16. 16Écouter Ajouter From Meadow To Mayfair (Suite For Orchestra): Ii. A Song By The Way [Romance] 4:08 
    17. 17Écouter Ajouter From Meadow To Mayfair (Suite For Orchestra): Iii. Evening In Town [Waltz] 4:45 
    18. 18Écouter Ajouter Under The Stars 4:08 
    19. 19Écouter Ajouter Four Centuries Suite: I. Prelude And Hornpipe 6:15 
    20. 20Écouter Ajouter Four Centuries Suite: Ii. Pavane And Tambourin 5:51 
    21. 21Écouter Ajouter Four Centuries Suite: Iii. Valse 4:47 
    22. 22Écouter Ajouter Four Centuries Suite: Iv. Rhythm 6:13 
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