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  1. Dirty Angel
  2. Runnin' Wild
  3. Ready To Rock
  4. No Way But The Hard Way
  5. Black Dog Barking
  6. Hungry
  7. Devil's Child
  8. Kickin' It Old School
  9. Rattle Your Bones
  10. My Dynamite Will Blow You Sky High (And Get Ya Moanin' After Midnight)
  11. Loaded Gun
  12. Back On The Bottle
  13. Jack Attack
  14. You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)
  15. Party In The Penthouse
  16. Live It Up
  17. It Ain't Over Till It's Over
  18. Bottom Of The Well
  19. Blackjack
  20. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

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