Aesthetische n°113 Brésil
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  1. Blue Print (Original Club Mix)
  2. Dirt (Simon Carter's Club Edit)
  3. Unity
  4. Cold Glass (2015 Rework)
  5. Still Life (Ivo Draganac Remix)
  6. Raise The Invisible
  7. Undecided
  8. Red Trackers
  9. Here Today (Club Shot Mix)
  10. In My Aurora (Uplifting Mix)
  11. We Follow Blindly (Neuroticfish Remix)
  12. Eye On You
  13. Brennbar!
  14. Breathe
  15. Blausäure (Ep Mix)
  16. We Follow Blindly
  17. An End In Itself
  18. Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Psychic Force Mix)
  19. Berlin (R3Sist3Nc3 M1X)
  20. Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Club Mix)

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