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  1. Immortal Sorcery
  2. Disembodied
  3. Infinite And Profane Thrones
  4. The Coming Of War
  5. An Involution Of Thorns
  6. Tara
  7. Bron (Of The Waves)
  8. Disembodied (7" Version)
  9. Sumerian Sands (The Silence) (7" Version)
  10. A Shield With An Iron Face
  11. Pillars Of Mercy
  12. Tara (Recapitulation)
  13. Manannan
  14. The Cognate House Of Courtley Witches Lies West Of County Meath
  15. She Cries The Quiet Lake
  16. Yrp Lluyddawc
  17. From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn To Ash)
  18. Stone Of Destiny (...For Magh Slecht And Ard Righ)
  19. Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle
  20. Manannán

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