A Silver Mt. Zion n°45 Canada
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  1. Broken Chords Can Sing A Little
  2. Take Away These Early Grave Blues
  3. Blindblindblind
  4. There Is A Light
  5. I Built Myself A Metal Bird
  6. I Fed My Metal Bird The Wings Of Other Metal Birds
  7. Kollapz Tradixional (Thee Olde Dirty Flag)
  8. Collapse Traditional (For Darling)
  9. Kollaps Tradicional (Bury 3 Dynamos)
  10. 'piphany Rambler
  11. Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal)
  12. Austerity Blues
  13. Little Ones Run
  14. 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons
  15. What We Loved Was Not Enough
  16. Rains Thru The Roof At Thee Grande Ballroom (For Capital Steez)
  17. More Action! Less Tears!
  18. Microphones In The Trees
  19. Pretty Little Lightning Paw
  20. There's A River In The Valley Made Of Melting Snow

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