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  1. Knockin' On Ziggy's Big Ego
  2. Request Denied In My Head (Speech Version)
  3. All The Love In The Revelator (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Depeche Mode)
  4. Beside You Heroes (Nine Inch Nails Vs. David Bowie)
  5. We're In This Blurred Line Together (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  6. Another Spot In The Sun, Part Ii (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Pink Floyd)
  7. Get Down Only (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Kool And The Gang)
  8. Love Is Not Precious (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Depeche Mode)
  9. Bâtard To Heaven
  10. The Island That Loves (Nine Inch Nails Vs. Fatboy Slim)

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