Soprano in Red, de Lesley Garrett en écoute gratuite et illimitée

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Soprano in Red
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    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterLover Come Back To Me (From New Moon)5:00
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterNun's Chorus & Laura's Song (From Casanova)3:40
    3. 3My Traitor Heart (From La Belle Vivette {La Belle Hélene})4:01
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterWe'll Gather Lilacs (From Perchance To Dream)4:25
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterGypsy Fiddles Playing (From Gipsy Love)4:22
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterIf Love Were All (From Bittersweet)4:46
    7. 7I'm Called Lazuli The Pedlar's Rondo (From L'étoile)3:04
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterPretty Little Star (From L'étoile)4:14
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterWaltz Of My Heart (From The Dancing Years)3:07
    10. 10Why Did You Kiss My Heart Awake (From Frederica)3:33
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterSoftly As In A Morning Sunrise (From New Moon)3:01
    12. 12A Chamber Séparée (From The Opera Ball)3:41
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterOnly The Night Wind Sighs Alone (From The Contrabandista)3:06
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterVilja (From The Merry Widow)5:13
    15. 15ÉcouterAjouterHymn To The Bacchus/infernal Gallop (Can-Can) (From Orpheus In The Underworld)5:00
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© Lesley Garrett


  • Durée (hors bonus) : 60:16
  • Type : Album
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : Royaume-Uni
  • Statut : Officiel
  • Label : Silva Screen Records
  • Langue principale : anglais
Lesley Garrett
drapeau Royaume-Unin°907
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  1. Ave Maria
  2. Vilja (From The Merry Widow)
  3. Les Filles De Cadix
  4. Danny Boy
  5. O Mio Babbino Caro
  6. Pie Jesu
  7. I Belong To The Earth
  8. Summertime
  9. Love Is Where You Find It
  10. Simple Gifts