The Reel Lalo Schifrin, de Lalo Schifrin en écoute gratuite et illimitée

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The Reel Lalo Schifrin
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    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterConey Island (From The Sting Ii)3:54
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterMain Title From Cool Hand Luke2:06
    3. 3Apple Turnover (From Rollercoaster)3:45
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterMannix (From Mannix)2:29
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterNunzio In Love (From Nunzio)3:00
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterMission: Impossible2:32
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterMelba (From The Cincinnati Kid)4:03
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterRoulette Rhumba (From The Man From U.n.c.l.e.)2:12
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterAll For The Love Of Sunshine (From Kelly's Heros)2:53
    10. 10The Joint (From Once A Thief)4:29
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterChase To The Convent (From The Four Musketeers)2:46
    12. 12Ellen's Image (From The Fox)3:27
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterDirty Harry's Creed3:26
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterEnd Credits (March) (From The Eagle Has Landed)2:23
    15. 15Hotel Nacionale (From Voyage Of The Damned)2:18
Pochette The Reel Lalo Schifrin
© Lalo Schifrin


  • Durée (hors bonus) : 45:50
  • Type : Compilation
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : États-Unis
  • Statut : Officiel
  • Label : Hip‐O Records
  • Langue principale : anglais
Lalo Schifrin
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  1. Main Title
  2. Mission: Impossible
  3. End Credits
  4. Tango Del Atardecer
  5. What's New Pussycat?
  6. Love Theme
  7. Secret Code
  8. Agnus Dei
  9. All For The Love Of Sunshine
  10. A Changing World