Raise Your Spirit Higher (Wenyukela), de Ladysmith Black Mambazo en écoute gratuite et illimitée

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Raise Your Spirit Higher (Wenyukela)
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Pochette Raise Your Spirit Higher (Wenyukela)
    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterTribute1:17
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterBecause I Love You4:10
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterWenyukela (Raise Your Spirit Higher)4:52
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterWenza Ngani? (How Did You Do That?)4:38
    5. 5Dlondlobalo Njalo (Preserve South Africa's Culture)4:20
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterSandlwana (A Mountain)4:51
    7. 7Mbayimbayi (By And By I'm Coming)4:28
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterBlack Is Beautiful3:30
    9. 9Uqinsile Ubaba (Lord Is The Light And Truth)3:54
    10. 10Udidekeli Umhlaba (Lord's Work)4:32
    11. 11Iningi Liyabon Ububende (Many Spoil The Broth)4:56
    12. 12Wangibambezela (Message From His Heart)5:00
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterWamuhle Umshado (Beautiful Wedding)4:04
    14. 14Phalamende (Parliament)3:40
    15. 15Fak' Ibhande (Don't Drink And Drive)3:26
    16. 16ÉcouterAjouterMusic Knows No Boundaries3:06
    17. 17ÉcouterAjouterHalala South Africa (Congratulations South Africa)5:18
Pochette Raise Your Spirit Higher (Wenyukela)
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  • Durée (hors bonus) : 70:02
  • Type : Album
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : Allemagne
  • Statut : Officiel
  • Label : Non Communiqué
  • Langue principale : multilingue
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