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The Fairy Queen
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  1. 1) CD avec 31 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Prelude1:58
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Hornpipe0:55
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Air0:48
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Rondeau1:30
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Overture2:06
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song In Two Parts: 'come, Come, Come, Let Us Leave The Town'2:26
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Scene Of The Drunken Poet: 'fill Up The Bowl'6:40
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: First Act Tune: Jig1:20
    9. 9The Fairy Queen: Prelude And Song: 'come All Ye Songsters Of The Sky'1:54
    10. 10ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Prelude0:50
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Trio: 'may The God Of Wit Inspire'1:05
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Echo1:34
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Chorus: 'now Joyn Your Warbling Voices All'0:28
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: A Dance Of Fairies0:44
    15. 15ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song And Chorus: 'sing While We Trip It On The Green'1:44
    16. 16ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song: 'see, Even Night Her Self Is Here' (Night)4:18
    17. 17ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song: 'i Am Come To Lock All Fast' (Mystery)1:11
    18. 18The Fairy Queen: Song: 'one Charming Night' (Secresie)1:58
    19. 19ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song And Chorus: 'hush, No More, Be Silent All' (Sleep)3:21
    20. 20ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: A Dance For The Followers Of Night1:53
    21. 21ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Second Act Tune: Air1:30
    22. 22ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: A Song In Two Parts And Chorus: 'if Love's A Sweet Passion'8:03
    23. 23ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Overture: Symphony While The Swans Come Forward2:04
    24. 24ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Dance For The Fairies0:50
    25. 25ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Dance For The Green Men1:28
    26. 26ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song: 'ye Gentle Spirits Of The Air, Appear'5:11
    27. 27ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Dialogue Between Coridon And Mopsa: 'now The Maids And The Men'3:57
    28. 28ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song: 'when I Have Often Heard' (A Nymph)3:13
    29. 29ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: A Dance Of Haymakers0:57
    30. 30ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Song And Chorus: 'a Thousand Thousand Ways We'll Find'2:08
    31. 31ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Third Act Tune: Hornpipe0:58
  2. 2) CD avec 30 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Symphony6:12
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Solo Anc Chorus: 'now The Night Is Chac'd Away'2:07
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Duet: 'let The Fifes, And The Clarions' (Two Others)1:57
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Entry Of Phoebus0:34
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'when A Cruel Long Winter' (Phoebus) - Chorus: 'hail! Great Parent Of Us All'4:20
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'thus The Ever Grateful Spring' (Spring)1:58
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'here's The Summer, Sprightly, Gay' (Summer)1:40
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'see My Many Colour'd Fields' (Autumn)3:03
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'now Winter Comes Slowly' (Winter)3:23
    10. 10ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Fourth Act Tune: Air1:03
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Prelude1:07
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Epithalamium: 'thrice Happy Lovers' (Juno)2:40
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: The Plaint: 'o Let Me Weep'7:42
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Entry Dance1:11
    15. 15ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Symphony1:12
    16. 16ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'thus The Gloomy World' (A Chinese Man)5:44
    17. 17ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'thus Happy And Free' (Chinese Woman)1:38
    18. 18The Fairy Queen: 'yes, Daphne, In Your Looks I Find' (Chinese Man)1:55
    19. 19ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Monkey's Dance1:04
    20. 20ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'hark How All Things' (1St Woman)2:07
    21. 21ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'hark Now The Echoing Air' (2Nd Woman)2:51
    22. 22ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'sure The Full God Of Marriage' (Both Women)2:07
    23. 23ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Prelude0:31
    24. 24ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'see, See, I Obey' (Hymen)1:58
    25. 25ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'turn Then Thine Eyes' (Both Women)1:25
    26. 26ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'my Torch, Indeed' (Hymen)0:44
    27. 27ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: 'they Shall Be As Happy' (Both Women, Hymen)1:11
    28. 28ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Air1:30
    29. 29ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: They Shall Be As Happy1:11
    30. 30ÉcouterAjouterThe Fairy Queen: Dance For Chinese Man And Woman2:33
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  • Durée (hors bonus) : 137:40
  • Type : Album
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : Allemagne
  • Statut : Officiel
  • Label : Archiv Produktion
  • Langue principale : anglais
Sir John Eliot Gardiner
drapeau Royaume-Unin°785
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