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The John Adams Earbox
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  1. 1) CD avec 7 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterHarmonium: I. Negative Love10:32
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterHarmonium: Ii. Because I Could Not Stop For Death9:41
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterHarmonium: Iii. Wild Nights11:43
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterShaker Loops: I. Shaking And Trembling8:25
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterShaker Loops: Ii. Hymning Slews5:08
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterShaker Loops: Iii. Loops And Verses6:54
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterShaker Loops: Iv. A Final Shaking3:56
  2. 2) CD avec 5 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterThe Chairman Dances (Foxtrot For Orchestra)12:36
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterGrand Pianola Music: I. Part Ia15:12
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterGrand Pianola Music: Ii. Part Ib7:50
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterGrand Pianola Music: Iii. On The Dominant Divide7:59
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterFearful Symmetries28:02
  3. 3) CD avec 22 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene I: Opening2:53
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene I. "soldiers Of Heaven Hold The Sky"2:48
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene I. "the People Are The Heroes Now"2:49
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene Ii: Landing Of The Spirit Of '762:22
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene Ii: "your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope?"1:19
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene Ii: "news Has A Kind Of Mystery:"7:09
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China, Act I, Scene 3: "ladies And Gentleman"6:37
    8. 8Nixon In China: Act I, Scene Iii. "mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests"2:36
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act I, Scene Iii: Cheers3:50
    10. 10ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Ii, Scene I. "this Is Prophetic!"8:31
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Ii, Scene Ii: Opening2:53
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Ii, Scene Ii. "oh What A Day I Thought I'd Die!"4:48
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Ii, Scene Ii: "whip Her To Death!"2:33
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Ii, Scene Ii: "i Am The Wife Of Mao Tse-Tung"6:33
    15. 15Nixon In China: Act Iii. "let Us Examine What You Did"2:43
    16. 16ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii: "when I Woke Up"1:20
    17. 17Nixon In China: Act Iii: "i Have No Offspring."1:54
    18. 18ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii. "i Can Keep Still"2:11
    19. 19ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii. "after That The Sweat Had Soaked My Uniform"2:28
    20. 20ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii. "peking Watches The Stars"2:42
    21. 21ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii. "you Won At Poker"3:14
    22. 22ÉcouterAjouterNixon In China: Act Iii. "i Am Old And I Cannot Sleep"4:24
  4. 4) CD avec 8 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterThe Wound-Dresser19:11
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterChristian Zeal And Activity10:06
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterFive Songs: Thoreau1:56
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterFive Songs: Down East2:28
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterFive Songs: Cradle Song1:25
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterFive Songs: At The River1:16
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterFive Songs: Serenity2:02
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterEros Piano14:52
  5. 5) CD avec 13 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Chorus Of Exiled Palestinians8:34
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Chorus Of Exiled Jews8:33
    3. 3The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene I. "it Was Just After One Fifteen" (The Captain)8:09
    4. 4The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene I. "my Grandson Didi, Who Was Two" (Swiss Grandmother)5:10
    5. 5The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene I. "give These Orders" (Molqi)2:01
    6. 6The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene I. "so I Said To My Grandson" (Swiss Grandmother)1:17
    7. 7The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene I. "we Are Sorry For You" (Mamoud)1:17
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Act I, Scene Ii. Night Chorus3:38
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Act Ii. Hagar Chorus5:24
    10. 10The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act Ii, Scene I. "i've Never Been A Violent Man" (Leon Klinghoffer)3:28
    11. 11The Death Of Klinghoffer: Act Ii, Scene I. "you Are Always Complaining Of Your Suffering" (Rambo)5:13
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Act Ii, Scene Ii. Aria Of The Falling Body (Gymnopédie)7:23
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterThe Death Of Klinghoffer: Act Ii, Scene Ii. Day Chorus4:30
  6. 6) CD avec 5 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterTwo Fanfares For Orchestra: Tromba Lontana4:17
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterTwo Fanfares For Orchestra: Short Ride In A Fast Machine4:19
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterCommon Tones In Simple Time20:43
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterEl Dorado, Part I: A Dream Of Gold12:39
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterEl Dorado, Part Ii: Soledades16:09
  7. 7) CD avec 6 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterHarmonielehre: Part I17:12
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterHarmonielehre: Part Ii. The Anfortas Wound12:24
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterHarmonielehre: Part Iii. Meister Eckhardt And Quackie10:41
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterViolin Concerto: I. ♩ = 7814:56
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterViolin Concerto: Ii. Chaconne: Body Through Which The Dream Flows11:30
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterViolin Concerto: Iii. Toccare7:40
  8. 8) CD avec 9 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterChamber Symphony: I. Mongrel Airs7:50
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterChamber Symphony: Ii. Aria With Walking Bass8:13
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterChamber Symphony: Iii. Roadrunner5:52
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterTundra10:34
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterDisappointment Lake8:15
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterHoodoo Zephyr10:30
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterGnarly Buttons: I. The Perilous Shore10:01
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterGnarly Buttons: Ii. Hoe-Down (Mad Cow)5:50
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterGnarly Buttons: Iii. Put Your Loving Arms Around Me8:31
  9. 9) CD avec 15 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterEnsemble - I Was Looking At The Ceiling And Then I Saw The Sky8:05
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterA Sermon On Romance3:11
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterConsuelo's Dream4:55
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterMike's Song About Arresting A Particular Individual3:22
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterTiffany's Solo4:52
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterSong About The On-Site Altercation2:51
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterSong About The Bad Boys And The News6:20
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterYour Honor My Client He's A Young Black Man5:40
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterLeila's Song: Alone (Again Or At Last)4:17
    10. 10ÉcouterAjouterThree Weeks And Still I'm Outta My Mind5:12
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterCrushed By The Rock I Been Standing On4:37
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterDewain's Song Of Liberation And Surprise5:29
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouter¡este Pais!/this Country4:27
    14. 14ÉcouterAjouterOne Last Look At The Angel In Your Eyes2:00
    15. 15ÉcouterAjouterFinale4:36
  10. 10) CD avec 13 pistes

    1. 1ÉcouterAjouterLollapalooza6:47
    2. 2ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Judah To Ocean2:34
    3. 3ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Toot Nipple1:15
    4. 4ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Dogjam2:34
    5. 5ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Pavane: She's So Fine6:34
    6. 6ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Rag The Bone3:04
    7. 7ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Habanera4:49
    8. 8ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Stubble Crochet2:44
    9. 9ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Hammer & Chisel1:16
    10. 10ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Alligator Escalator3:54
    11. 11ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Standchen: The Little Serenade4:58
    12. 12ÉcouterAjouterJohn's Book Of Alleged Dances: Judah To Ocean (Reprise)2:38
    13. 13ÉcouterAjouterSlonimsky's Earbox13:20


  • Durée (hors bonus) : 659:43
  • Type : Compilation
  • 1ère sortie :
  • Région : États-Unis
  • Statut : Officiel
  • Label : Nonesuch
  • Langue principale : anglais
John Adams
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  1. Shaker Loops: Iv. A Final Shaking
  2. Phrygian Gates
  3. Shaker Loops: I. Shaking And Trembling
  4. Shaker Loops: Iii. Loops And Verses
  5. Shaker Loops: Ii. Hymning Slews
  6. Harmonielehre: Part I
  7. Chamber Symphony: I. Mongrel Airs
  8. Harmonium: I. Negative Love
  9. Harmonium: Iii. Wild Nights
  10. Nixon In China, Act I, Scene 3: "ladies And Gentleman"