Meilleurs maxis de tous les temps

Écouter les 200 meilleurs maxis de tous les temps

  1. Pochette Over the Hills and Far Away
    Over the Hills and Far Away Nightwish
  2. Pochette Broken
    Broken Nine Inch Nails
  3. Pochette ’74 Jailbreak
    ’74 Jailbreak AC/DC
  4. Pochette ×∞Multiplies
    ×∞Multiplies Yellow Magic Orchestra
  5. Pochette 1936 - The Spanish Revolution
    1936 - The Spanish Revolution The Ex
  6. Pochette Prospekt's March EP
    Prospekt's March EP Coldplay
  7. Pochette Bitter Suites to Succubi
    Bitter Suites to Succubi Cradle of Filth
  8. Pochette The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited
    The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited Metallica
  9. Pochette BLACKPINK
  10. Pochette E.P. Collection
    E.P. Collection The Beatles
  11. Pochette Twist and Shout
    Twist and Shout The Beatles
  12. Pochette ALIVE
  13. Pochette 2NE1 2nd Mini Album
    2NE1 2nd Mini Album 2NE1
  14. Pochette Opiate
    Opiate Tool
  15. Pochette Summer Magic
    Summer Magic Red Velvet
  16. Pochette The Beatles’ Hits
    The Beatles’ Hits The Beatles
  17. Pochette Souvenir of Their Visit to America
    Souvenir of Their Visit to America The Beatles
  18. Pochette Sonic Youth
    Sonic Youth Sonic Youth
  19. Pochette Beyond Magnetic
    Beyond Magnetic Metallica
  20. Pochette What is Love?
    What is Love? TWICE
  21. Pochette SIGNAL
  22. Pochette YES or YES
  23. Pochette Smells Like Children
    Smells Like Children Marilyn Manson
  24. Pochette Missing
    Missing Everything but the Girl
  25. Pochette Jar of Flies
    Jar of Flies Alice in Chains
  26. Pochette Twoism
    Twoism Boards of Canada
  27. Pochette Rookie
    Rookie Red Velvet
  28. Pochette Fixed
    Fixed Nine Inch Nails
  29. Pochette Dreaming #11
    Dreaming #11 Joe Satriani
  30. Pochette Hi Scores
    Hi Scores Boards of Canada
  31. Pochette Mesopotamia
    Mesopotamia The B‐52s
  32. Pochette V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein
    V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein Cradle of Filth
  33. Pochette Apocalypse Soon
    Apocalypse Soon Major Lazer
  34. Pochette Transitions
    Transitions SBTRKT
  35. Pochette dont smile at me
    dont smile at me Billie Eilish
  36. Pochette Gantz Graf
    Gantz Graf Autechre
  37. Pochette Subterranean
    Subterranean In Flames
  38. Pochette Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon Delain
  39. Pochette PAGE TWO
  40. Pochette TWICEcoaster : LANE 1
    TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 TWICE
  41. Pochette Wide Awake in America
    Wide Awake in America U2
  42. Pochette A Change of Seasons
    A Change of Seasons Dream Theater
  43. Pochette Cherry Tree
    Cherry Tree The National
  44. Pochette Hell: The Sequel
    Hell: The Sequel Bad Meets Evil
  45. Pochette Collapse EP
    Collapse EP Aphex Twin
  46. Pochette EP7
    EP7 Autechre
  47. Pochette Better Together
    Better Together Fifth Harmony
  48. Pochette Spiral Scratch
    Spiral Scratch Buzzcocks
  49. Pochette My Kantele
    My Kantele Amorphis
  50. Pochette Root Down EP
    Root Down EP Beastie Boys
  51. Pochette My Father My King
    My Father My King Mogwai
  52. Pochette Arcade Fire
    Arcade Fire Arcade Fire
  53. Pochette Black Spring
    Black Spring Lush
  54. Pochette You Are My Sister
    You Are My Sister Antony and the Johnsons
  55. Pochette Extended Play E.P.
    Extended Play E.P. Propellerheads
  56. Pochette Live Collection
    Live Collection Bruce Springsteen
  57. Pochette Cheetah EP
    Cheetah EP Aphex Twin
  58. Pochette Hidden Treasures
    Hidden Treasures Megadeth
  59. Pochette Jar of Flies / Sap
    Jar of Flies / Sap Alice in Chains
  60. Pochette What's my name?
    What's my name? T-ARA
  61. Pochette Ice Cream Cake
    Ice Cream Cake Red Velvet
  62. Pochette Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With
    Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With King Crimson
  63. Pochette Paradise
    Paradise Lana Del Rey
  64. Pochette A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season
    A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season Loreena McKennitt
  65. Pochette In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
    In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country Boards of Canada
  66. Pochette Silver & Gold
    Silver & Gold Sufjan Stevens
  67. Pochette THE CONNECT : DEJAVU
  68. Pochette Add Violence
    Add Violence Nine Inch Nails
  69. Pochette Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
    Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell The Flaming Lips
  70. Pochette The Love Club EP
    The Love Club EP Lorde
  71. Pochette VS. (Other People’s Heartache, Pt. III)
    VS. (Other People’s Heartache, Pt. III) Bastille
  72. Pochette Traveling On
    Traveling On The Decemberists
  73. Pochette Disidencia Inquebrantable
    Disidencia Inquebrantable Hocico
  74. Pochette 2NE1 1st Mini Album
    2NE1 1st Mini Album 2NE1
  75. Pochette Get Your Body Beat
    Get Your Body Beat Combichrist
  76. Pochette One Day as a Lion
    One Day as a Lion One Day as a Lion
  77. Pochette Ventolin EP
    Ventolin EP Aphex Twin
  78. Pochette Love American Style EP
    Love American Style EP Beastie Boys
  79. Pochette Massive Attack EP
    Massive Attack EP Massive Attack
  80. Pochette Trigger
    Trigger In Flames
  81. Pochette Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?
    Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? Arctic Monkeys
  82. Pochette Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs
    Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs Epica
  83. Pochette Pomme Fritz
    Pomme Fritz The Orb
  84. Pochette Trans Canada Highway
    Trans Canada Highway Boards of Canada
  85. Pochette Instant 0 in the Universe
    Instant 0 in the Universe Stereolab
  86. Pochette Irony Is a Dead Scene
    Irony Is a Dead Scene The Dillinger Escape Plan
  87. Pochette Dried Blood of Gomorrha
    Dried Blood of Gomorrha :wumpscut:
  88. Pochette Songs for Christmas
    Songs for Christmas Sufjan Stevens
  89. Pochette A Tribute to Metallica
    A Tribute to Metallica Die Krupps
  90. Pochette Soilbleed
    Soilbleed Grendel
  91. Pochette Safari
    Safari The Breeders
  92. Pochette Breeding Death
    Breeding Death Bloodbath
  93. Pochette Iconic EP
    Iconic EP Icona Pop
  94. Pochette SQUARE UP
  95. Pochette No Roots
    No Roots Alice Merton
  96. Pochette Kaleidoscope EP
    Kaleidoscope EP Coldplay
  97. Pochette Metropolis: The Chase Suite
    Metropolis: The Chase Suite Janelle Monáe
  98. Pochette SHAKE IT
  99. Pochette HI! PRISTIN
  100. Pochette KILL THIS LOVE
  101. Pochette VROOOM
    VROOOM King Crimson
  102. Pochette Chronic Town
    Chronic Town R.E.M.
  103. Pochette Living Room Songs
    Living Room Songs Ólafur Arnalds
  104. Pochette Being a Girl, Part One EP
    Being a Girl, Part One EP Mansun
  105. Pochette YOU MAKE MY DAY
  106. Pochette YOU MADE MY DAWN
  107. Pochette All My Loving
    All My Loving The Beatles
  108. Pochette No. 1
    No. 1 The Beatles
  109. Pochette Live Collection II ~Born to Run~
    Live Collection II ~Born to Run~ Bruce Springsteen
  110. Pochette Deathcrush
    Deathcrush Mayhem
  111. Pochette Useless Creatures
    Useless Creatures Andrew Bird
  112. Pochette Meyrin Fields
    Meyrin Fields Broken Bells
  113. Pochette Tutti Frutti
    Tutti Frutti New Order
  114. Pochette Autechre
  115. Pochette EP+6
    EP+6 Mogwai
  116. Pochette 4 ½
    4 ½ Steven Wilson
  117. Pochette Peace Sword
    Peace Sword The Flaming Lips
  118. Pochette Waters of Nazareth
    Waters of Nazareth Justice
  119. Pochette Night Train
    Night Train Keane
  120. Pochette Sun Giant
    Sun Giant Fleet Foxes
  121. Pochette Sick Boy
    Sick Boy The Chainsmokers
  122. Pochette THE STORY BEGINS
  123. Pochette Seek Bromance
    Seek Bromance Tim Berg
  124. Pochette PTXmas
    PTXmas Pentatonix
  125. Pochette Hola Hola
    Hola Hola KARD
  126. Pochette Russian Roulette
    Russian Roulette Red Velvet
  127. Pochette VENUS
  128. Pochette Al1
  129. Pochette A2G EP
    A2G EP Blackalicious
  130. Pochette Shine
    Shine Mother Love Bone
  131. Pochette American Beauty
    American Beauty Bruce Springsteen
  132. Pochette Not the Actual Events
    Not the Actual Events Nine Inch Nails
  133. Pochette Lull
    Lull The Smashing Pumpkins
  134. Pochette American Gothic
    American Gothic The Smashing Pumpkins
  135. Pochette Sap
    Sap Alice in Chains
  136. Pochette Cichlisuite
    Cichlisuite Autechre
  137. Pochette Move of Ten
    Move of Ten Autechre
  138. Pochette Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
    Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do Sigur Rós
  139. Pochette The Mirror's Truth
    The Mirror's Truth In Flames
  140. Pochette Holy Roller Novocaine
    Holy Roller Novocaine Kings of Leon
  141. Pochette Dear God
    Dear God XTC
  142. Pochette Trashed, Lost & Strungout
    Trashed, Lost & Strungout Children of Bodom
  143. Pochette Wolf's Lair Abyss
    Wolf's Lair Abyss Mayhem
  144. Pochette Up and Crumbling
    Up and Crumbling Gin Blossoms
  145. Pochette Legacy EP
    Legacy EP Mansun
  146. Pochette Out of the Black
    Out of the Black Royal Blood
  147. Pochette A Lesson in Crime
    A Lesson in Crime Tokyo Police Club
  148. Pochette Born Ruffians
    Born Ruffians Born Ruffians
  149. Pochette PENTAGON
  150. Pochette High Maintenance
    High Maintenance Miranda Cosgrove
  151. Pochette Flesh Balloon
    Flesh Balloon Pale Saints
  152. Pochette Little Computer People
    Little Computer People Llorca
  153. Pochette Long Tall Sally
    Long Tall Sally The Beatles
  154. Pochette Summer of Love (Remixes)
    Summer of Love (Remixes) U2
  155. Pochette Armed and Dangerous
    Armed and Dangerous Anthrax
  156. Pochette Haunting the Chapel
    Haunting the Chapel Slayer
  157. Pochette Tomorrow
    Tomorrow Silverchair
  158. Pochette She Makes My Nose Bleed
    She Makes My Nose Bleed Mansun
  159. Pochette Darkbloom
    Darkbloom Grimes
  160. Pochette Kill at Will
    Kill at Will Ice Cube
  161. Pochette Collage
    Collage The Chainsmokers
  162. Pochette Plastique
    Plastique Plastikman
  163. Pochette PTX, Vol. III
    PTX, Vol. III Pentatonix
  164. Pochette SCHXXL OUT
  165. Pochette Chrysalis
    Chrysalis I.O.I
  166. Pochette WANT
  167. Pochette THE CODE
  168. Pochette SHINE
  169. Pochette Going Seventeen
    Going Seventeen SEVENTEEN
  170. Pochette Envane
    Envane Autechre
  171. Pochette Peel Session
    Peel Session Autechre
  172. Pochette THE UNRAVELING
  173. Pochette Piranha Breaks
    Piranha Breaks Amon Tobin
  174. Pochette Budakhan Mindphone
    Budakhan Mindphone Squarepusher
  175. Pochette Sirenian Shores
    Sirenian Shores Sirenia
  176. Pochette Key Nell
    Key Nell Gescom
  177. Pochette Miracles in December
    Miracles in December EXO
  178. Pochette 45:33
    45:33 LCD Soundsystem
  179. Pochette Sentence of Death
    Sentence of Death Destruction
  180. Pochette Sensuous
    Sensuous SF9
  181. Pochette MAMMA MIA!
  182. Pochette PARALLEL
    PARALLEL 여자친구
  183. Pochette WE
  184. Pochette Beatles for Sale (No. 2)
    Beatles for Sale (No. 2) The Beatles
  185. Pochette Com Lag: 2plus2isfive
    Com Lag: 2plus2isfive Radiohead
  186. Pochette Bad Religion
    Bad Religion Bad Religion
  187. Pochette Nil Recurring
    Nil Recurring Porcupine Tree
  188. Pochette Alice
    Alice The Sisters of Mercy
  189. Pochette On Stage
    On Stage Kate Bush
  190. Pochette Slates
    Slates The Fall
  191. Pochette Lost to Apathy
    Lost to Apathy Dark Tranquillity
  192. Pochette Colors
    Colors miss A
  193. Pochette Shining Bright Star EP
    Shining Bright Star EP Black Strobe
  194. Pochette MAMA
  195. Pochette Blizzard
    Blizzard Fauve
  196. Pochette Hormoaning
    Hormoaning Nirvana
  197. Pochette Drill
    Drill Radiohead
  198. Pochette Spot the Pigeon
    Spot the Pigeon Genesis
  199. Pochette The Blue Room E.P.
    The Blue Room E.P. Coldplay
  200. Pochette Move
    Move Moby